the year of you, day 60

Monday, March 1, 2021 (Day 60)

Meditation Music: Take Me Tenderly: Liquid Mind (6:56) –

Question: Where do you live?

Answer: This month, we’ll be addressing my “Environment,” with the first question focused on where I live. Seems like a pretty generic start, but I may try to provide some depth to my answer. I live in Jamestown, North Carolina. I live in a townhome with my wife Rebecca and our dog Laci. We moved here in March 2016 – which means that we’re having our 5-year anniversary in this house! Amazing that time has gone by that fast! And to think, 5 years ago, we had ONE MONTH to find a place and move out of our house in Winston-Salem. Talk about a chaotic month! The best thing about this house is the basement. We have two stories and a basement – and the basement is as large as the two stories! Right now, the basement is 2/3 art studio, 1/3 fitness and sports room. It’s my haven to work out; as far as fitness equipment goes, there’s a treadmill, an elliptical, and an air bike (Schwinn Air Dyne). We also have a weight bench, but it doesn’t get used very often. And LOTS of places for Rebecca to do her art projects! She has a potters wheel in the basement and a kiln in the garage! She does great work! Me, I’m all about fitness, exercise, and movement. Not only do I work out every day (aerobic activities, stretching, and push-ups and sit-ups), but I also play golf and tennis. And now, Rebecca and I want to challenge ourselves by playing pickleball, since that’s what old people like us are doing these days. As far as Jamestown goes, it’s a quaint little town. Not much here, but people seem to love this little town. Guilford Technical Community College’s main campus is about 5 minutes from our house. I’m not much of a people guy (other than my tribe), but our dog Laci has been instrumental in getting me connected with our neighbors. So much so, that I have create my own little golf buddy group, where I can usually find at least one person to golf with at least every other week. And Jamestown has it’s own golf course, which is a plus. I’m not a big “home” guy, but for a place to live, it’s not so bad.

Other Stuff

If you’re interested in being a leader – or you’re already a leader – you might find this article interesting.

It’s an interesting article because I have these four personalities in different people that I work with in the Life Design Catalyst Tribe. They are wonderful people, helping me grow this work across higher education…and beyond! These personalities are definitely something to consider for your own life!

Watched another inspirational movie on my walk this morning; it’s an older movie and another sports (baseball) movie, but a great story about following your dreams. Check out the trailer here:

And check out the real story here:

Imagine if all of our teachers/professors provided hope for all of our young people to pursue dreams!


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