the year of you, day 68

Tuesday, March 9, 2021 (Day 68)

Meditation Music: Warm in You: Liquid Mind (7:03) –

Question: If you lost everything you have tomorrow, what would you add back into your home first?

Answer: I decided to walk around my house and take a look at the things that matter most to me. Right now, I’m torn between my Schwinn Air Dyne Exercise bike and my IPAD. The one thing I LOVE about being in our townhouse is that we have a great space for my exercise equipment. When I think about my most effective workouts over the course of time, it’s being able to walk/run outside and having the access to bike indoors. I typically ride about 3,000 miles a year; since my workouts start REALLY early in the morning (between 5am and 5:30am), it’s best to ride indoors since it’s dark outside when I start and when I’m done. Now, I’ve also picked my IPAD; I’m assuming that I’ve lost all of my books. The main reason why I got an IPAD is to read Kindle books; right now, I have about 500-600 Kindle books, to go with the 3,000+ books in our library. I spend a lot of time reading, whether it’s during a workout or relaxing on the bed, so having time to read is really important. I think my choice would be dependent on my mood and my situation; if I don’t have a place to have a bike, then I would get an IPAD. I know I can always get an IPAD, but I don’t necessarily have a place to keep an indoor bike. And when the crank on my indoor bike cracked and was out of commission for 18 weeks, I actually spent a lot of time walking outdoors. No matter what happens, I still focus on getting the steps in.

Other Stuff

Yesterday, I listened to a webinar on Creating Social Mobility for Students, another webinar on how we need to help college students navigate the college experience during the pandemic. One of the interesting things I find interesting about these webinars are that very few address well-being. Some focus on mental health issues, but they don’t talk about physical, emotional, or spiritual health. So it was a treat to get an article from Holstee about flourishing and well-being. If you want an interesting take on moving from a happiness perspective to a flourishing perspective, check out this article:

If you don’t know the five factors of flourishing, just remember “PERMA.” If you want to know what PERMA stands for, check out the article!


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