the year of you, day 77

Thursday, March 18, 2021 (Day 77)

Meditation Music: Mountain Lullaby: Liquid Mind (7:04) –

Question: What words would you use to describe your ideal home?

Answer: My first response to this question was that I don’t feel like there is an “ideal” home for me. It’s a place that’s a foundation, a starting place, where thoughts, ideas, and projects can begin. Words to describe home should be comfortable, peaceful, harmonious, secure, and multi-functional. A home should be a complement to you being your best self and living your best life. I’ve never grown attached to a home, partly because of a nomadic mindset, knowing we may have to (or have the ability to) pick up and go at any moment. I’ve lived in many houses, but have never become attached to a home. Does that even make sense?


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