the year of you, day 78

Friday, March 19, 2021 (Day 78)

Meditation Music: Mountain Lullaby: Liquid Mind (7:04) –

Question: What does “home” mean to you? Spend 10 minutes free writing on this topic.

Answer: I don’t know if the concept of “home” means anything to me, other than a place to hang my hat. Maybe I’ll change my mind once we pay off our mortgage – or move to a different place. For me, home feels like a place that you “rent” (like a mortgage) until the rent is no longer due. I don’t become attached to things any more; everything can easily be replaced. For example, if the home burned down, it will either be rebuilt or you move to a different place and start again. It’s nice to have things to make life easier, but everything is replaceable. It’s a interesting free write because “home” is not something I think about very often – or it’s something that I care tremendously about. This month’s writing about the environment doesn’t seem to elicit the same kind of deep, heartfelt responses like the previous month’s writing activities. Maybe one of the remaining prompts will get me going…but it won’t be a big deal if it doesn’t. Just the fact that I can write – and have time to write – is a blessing. As I write this, I wonder where my attitude about “home” came from. It wasn’t the kind of thing that was discussed or addressed while growing up and I don’t recall my parents making a big deal about any of the places they’ve lived. Growing up, the only thing my dad was proud of in our “home” was his electronic “toys,” like stereos and TV’s. Although I never valued TV’s much, I always loved to read and listen to good stereo equipment. Now, not so much. Back in college and right after, I always had great stereo equipment, always looking for way to make music sound awesome. Nowadays, we don’t ANY stereo equipment – and have only one TV. However, I do have a lot of electronic devices, way more than I need. I do use most of them, believe it or not, depending on my situation.  Okay, well, my 10 minutes of free writing about “home” is complete, so I can now take Laci out for her walk.

Other Stuff

For anyone interested in exploring purpose, here’s one of my favorite articles. Here’s the link:

I love it because it looks at purpose as a journey, not as this “thing” that you find or achieve. It’s something that continually evolves over the course of your life. For example, I know that I was put here on this earth to help people reframe how they live their lives. Over time, I have found different ways to do it and different populations that I’d like to worth with. And to be honest, it seems to be changing and growing over time, which is probably a good thing.


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