the year of you, day 79

Saturday, March 20, 2021 (Day 79)

Meditation Music: Mountain Lullaby: Liquid Mind (7:04) –

Question: Do you prefer to live alone or with others? Why (and if it’s the latter who)?

Answer: I think the answer to that question varies by the day. Some days, I prefer to live by myself, some day I prefer to be with someone (like Rebecca). Right now, the constant in my life, since I’m home 90% of the time, is our dog Laci. I actually spend most of my time with her these days. In fact, while Rebecca is off visiting friends this weekend, I’m here with Laci – and when I’m home, she’s pretty much by my side the whole time. When I spend time alone, I’m usually buried in a book or creating something new to get better at my craft. Or I’m involved in some type of sport; so far, golf has been the choice because, for the most part, I can do it alone as well. This Spring, I’m going to try my hand at tennis again (starting tomorrow). And at some point, I’ll dip my toes into pickleball. Engaging in those activities keeps me busy enough so when I get home, I usually just want to read or write. However, sometimes it’s also nice to have someone to talk to, someone to cuddle with to watch a movie, or just have someone around. I think that’s why places like coffee shops are popular for people like me – people who don’t necessarily want to talk to others, but just like to have someone around the room, just to have someone around. I don’t know if I’d like to be 100% alone or 100% with someone all the time, but something in the middle works fine for me. How’s that for an answer?

Other Stuff

I watched an interesting video by Benjamin Hardy about 3 unstoppable mindsets. Check it out here:

Would love to hear any thoughts about this video…


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