the year of you, day 108

Sunday, April 18, 2021 (Day 108)

New Meditation Music: Adagio for Sleep: Liquid Mind (7:36) –

Question: What fun activity do you have the urge to do today?

Answer: That’s an easy one. Play at least nine holes of golf. I went to the driving range yesterday with Rebecca, just so she could try out a set of new clubs. I also went so I can work on my driving (the golf ball), because it seems like the better I drive the ball, the more likely I will do well. I noticed that most of my good scores on holes is when I drive the ball on the fairway, between 220 and 250 yards away. I’m starting to get a handle on the new irons that I got about a month ago (Wilson LaunchPad irons); I’ve minimized the number of fat shots that I’ve hit and seem to be more consistent with my shots. Now, I just need to start hitting greens in regulation and I’ll be good to go. Oh yeah…and try to minimize the really bad holes. The last time I played 18 holes, I only had one hole that was a double bogey, which is really good for me. In nine holes, I will typically have at least 2 good holes (par or better) and two really bad holes (double bogey or worse), which makes me basically a bogey golfer. If you’re a golfer, my handicap right now is 13.7, but I think it might go down a little bit because I’ve been playing much better the past few rounds. Anyway, you can probably guess that golf is fun for me. I may also find a little time to read a few chapters in a book, which I’ll do later this evening. I have two that I’m reading right now, one focused on career development for young people, the other on decision making. Both are definitely interesting reads, that’s for sure.


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