the year of you, day 137

Monday, May 17, 2021 (Day 137)

Meditation Music for the week: Dreamland: Liquid Mind (8:01) –

Question: What would you like your contribution to the world be?

Answer: Funny, my friends Marianne and Brad (remember, I’m in Arizona now) just had a conversation yesterday about this topic. Marianne shared that one of her students didn’t feel comfortable with the word “serve,” as in serve profoundly (one of the three tenets of the simple rules for success). She believed that for some, contribution would be a better word that serve. So, as I always do, I decided to look up the definition of both, and here’s what I found:

  • serve – perform duties or services for (another person or an organization).
  • contribution – the part played by a person or thing in bringing about a result or helping something to advance.

Now, if you add the word “profound” to either, your providing something to another with great depth and intensity. In essence, whatever you decide to do, whether it’s working in a job, doing your own business, and/or being a parent, do it with your whole heart with great depth and intensity. And that’s how you make a difference.

So, if the question is about my contribution. I want my contribution to be that I provide the tools and resources to empower people to gain clarity and direction on becoming the best version of themselves in service to something bigger than themselves. I do that by providing classes, workshops, trainings, webinars, and presentations to others, hoping that they “pay it forward” and share the work with those that they serve. And I want this to happen in education, where students can get clarity and direction so they can make wise choices regarding their educational, job/careers, and/or entrepreneurial endeavors. They need to serve and contribute in ways that not only matter to them, but also that provides value to others – even if it’s grunt work, you still need to provide value in whatever you do. And do it with kindness and respect. Right?

Other Stuff

Yesterday, I posted that I left me phones at home for my trip to Phoenix. So now it’s Day 2…and I realize that I can get by without them. It’s almost kind of freeing know that I don’t have to carry them around, checking them every hour to see if something important has come up. People who know me tell me that I’m one of the most unresponsive phone people anywhere; so for most people who know me, it’s no different than before. In most instances, I have it set for silent, so I don’t know if a message is coming in or not. I keep it in my pockets for most of the day, never take it with me when I’m walking Laci or working out. I know, I’m a unicorn in that regard. But on my walk this morning, it made me think back to this article I read a week ago and wondered if phones actually steal people’s power away. Check out this article:

What if your phone is “Croissant Man?” If so, then what would need to be different? (Side note: Read the article to understand who is Croissant Man.) How’s that for a thought for the day?


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