the year of you, day 162

Friday, June 11, 2021 (Day 162)

Relaxing Music for the week: Renewal: Liquid Mind (8:11) –

Question: Who do you consider to be your closest friend? How did you meet? What do you appreciate about your friendship?

Answer: I have two…Megan Cayton and Alicia Sepulveda. I will share what makes them both special below.

Megan has been my “work” rock (and dear friend) for the past 7 years (and probably even longer). As I think about the growth of the Life Design Catalyst Program, Megan has been at the heart of this work. What she has given me over the years cannot be measured; when I’ve come up an idea, created a new tool, or just needed a shoulder to lean on, Megan has been there for me. COVID really sucked, because I lost Megan when we closed the office. Oh yeah…Megan’s Office is literally attached to mine. We had some pretty serious conversations about LOTS and LOTS of things, especially pertaining to the future of education. We’ve been able to connect again the past couple of months, so it’s been good to start having those deep conversations again.

I met Alicia I think three years ago…and right from the start, you could tell that we were connected souls. Although our conversations started out based on academic coaching, it’s has evolved over time to more about life design. Like Megan, we have spent lots and lots of time engaged in deep conversations about our work, but instead of focusing on education, they have been more focused on entrepreneurship. We brainstorm ideas to build our work as entrepreneurs, as well as how we can instill this mindset in our students.

Interestingly enough, both Megan and Alicia are younger than me…and I love their energy and passion for what they do. And they are awesome! I am so honored to have them both in my life.


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