the year of you, day 175

Thursday, June 24, 2021 (Day 175)

Relaxing Music for the week: Reflection: Liquid Mind (8:19) –

Question: How do you deal with conflict?

Answer: For the most part, I take on conflict head-on; I think it’s part of my nature and culture growing up. My dad was never one to shy away from conflict and I think watching him take on conflict instilled the same thing in me. But I think back to when I was younger, where I was very passive in dealing with conflict. Just make everybody happy, right? Wrong! Now it’s being more selective in dealing with conflict; there are times to take it on, some times to just bite my lip and let things go. In most instances it’s easy to find a middle group, something that could lead to a win-win for everyone. Conflict also doesn’t need to be seen as a negative; there are some instances where conflict is necessary in order to move things forward. And sometimes, the conflict might be within one’s self, which makes life even MORE interesting. But in all instances, it’s better to deal with it than to avoid it.


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