23 life questions for 2023

Hello friends! Happy New Year, although a day late. I hope that your 2023 is off to a good start! My good friend Megan Cayton shared with me an Instagram post from Danielle Robay, challenging her readers to answer these 23 life questions for 2023 (and to reflect on 2022). Here they are: What was … Continue reading

23 personal brand questions for 2023

One of the more interesting habits that I have is spending at least 15 minutes each morning reading articles. As a look for ways to be 1% better every day, spending 15 minutes reading something pertinent to Life Design Catalyst work is valuable not only to gain additional knowledge, but to possibly find something that … Continue reading

workouts 2022

Hello everyone! On Saturday, December 24, 2022, I not only completed my initial (December 26, 2021) exercise/fitness goal of: 1,000 miles running/walking/elliptical 3,000 miles indoor/outdoor cycling 6,000 workout miles 10,000 push-ups and sit-ups 6,000,000 steps then my stretch goal (re-set on July 1, 2022) of: 1,300 miles running/walking/elliptical 3,100 miles indoor/outdoor cycling 7,000 workout miles … Continue reading

rules for a better life

I sent out the following message to my Men of Color students today, with the hope that a few might come up with their own set of “Rules for a Better Life.” I want you to think about your “Rules for Living.” If you don’t know your rules for living or don’t have a set … Continue reading

what makes you come alive…

Now that the Character Resume Challenge is done (Yeah!), where to go from here? I recently completed the book, “The Power of Fun: How to Feel Alive Again” by Catherine Price. In the book, she shares a few sentence completions to help answer the question, “What Makes You Come Alive?” They were useful for me … Continue reading