the year of you, day 5

January 5, 2021 Question: What are your core strengths? Answer: This is another question that we have our students explore; in fact, we actually break it down to character strengths (VIA Character Strengths) and engagement strengths (Gallup’s Strengthsfinder). You can find you character strengths by taking the online assessment at VIA Institute on Character’s web … Continue reading

the year of you, day 4

January 4, 2021 Question: What are your top five core values? Answer: This is another question that’s easy to answer because it’s something that I contemplate on a regular basis – and it’s a core foundation for our “HHS125: What Could I Do With My Life” course. This is a topic that’s near and dear … Continue reading

the year of you, day 3

January 3, 2021 Question: What are some of your most important rules for living? Answer: This is an easy one, since I have a set of “rules for living” that I keep posted to review every day. Some are statements that I created for myself, some are quotes that have inspired me to live with … Continue reading

the year of you, day 2

January 2, 2021 Question: What roles do you hope to play in the future? Answer: Here are the roles that I plan to continue in the future – father, friend, dog owner, exercise fanatic, catalyst, supporter, encourager. And here are specific roles that I hope to play in the future: successful business co-owner, devoted partner, … Continue reading

the year of you, day 1

January 1, 2021. The start of the New Year. The Year of You. January’s Theme: Identity Question: What are the different roles you play in your life (e.g. mother, partner, sister, etc.). List as many as you can think of. Answer: father, partner, friend, dog owner, golfer, exercise fanatic, brother, catalyst, advisor, supporter, encourager. I’m … Continue reading

ambitious project

Hello good friends! I hope that the end of 2020 is going well and you’re ready to start 2021! I’m writing to invite you to join me (on my blog – The Dream Dean) for a year-long project that I’ve decided to undertake this year to get back “to my roots.” A couple of weeks … Continue reading


It’s hard to imagine that it’s been two months since my last post! I definitely miss writing and sharing, that’s for sure! I’ve been on this mission to write an article that gets published – and I’ve now written TWO that have been published!  Here are the links: Growth Year vs Gap Year: The Catalyst … Continue reading